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Personal Resume (Biography, Personal Statement of Principles)

Professional Resume

Amanda Pole - Singer/Songwriter

Mercy Corps - This is a good, efficient charitable organization for disaster relief. They also use market oriented aid such as micro-loans. See their "Mercy Kits" section. I recommend using them.


Solving (Anti)Social (In)Security

"What is Terrorism?"

"Time To Change The Pledge"

"Marriage And The State"

One Sentence Wisdom

Why the ?

Old political web site for Oregon Secretary of State candidacy.

Personal Declaration of Intellectual War against Leonard Peikoff - A statement in response to Peikoff's positions taken after September 11, 2001.

Leonard Peikoff: Who Needs Him? - A detailed examination of some of Peikoff's idiocies by Chris Wolf.

Truth - Warning! Short, blunt, no BS positions. If you can't take it, don't go here!


Screen Perception Test.

Employee Song

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